Wiglesworth, A., Kemp, B., & Mosqueda, L. (2008). Combating elder and dependent adult mistreatment: The role of the clinical psychologist. Journal of elder abuse & neglect20(3), 207-230.


Among the many different professionals who work to address elder and dependent adult mistreatment, the clinical psychologist performs a function that is not well documented. The experiences of a clinical psychologist attached to a medical response team and an elder abuse forensic center provide insight into this complex and multifaceted role. Case examples from an elder abuse forensic center illustrate the breadth of referral questions that a clinical psychologist addresses. This information may be of use to those who would argue that these services be made widely available to elder abuse professionals such as social workers, public guardians, and those in the criminal justice system. The case studies also may be useful for training purposes.

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