Mosqueda, L., Brandl, B., Otto, J., Stiegel, L., Thomas, R., & Heisler, C. (2008). Consortium for Research in Elder Self‐Neglect of Texas Research: Advancing the Field for Practitioners. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society56(s2), S276-S280.


An external advisory board consisting of members from the fields of geriatric internal medicine, family practice geriatrics, criminal prosecution, civil law, police force, adult protective services, and victims advocacy was created to advise and guide the research conducted by the Consortium for Research in Elder Self-neglect of Texas (CREST). This panel of experts performed site visits and facilitated the research through responses to every-other-week fact sheets and quarterly conference calls. This paper provides the perspective of five of the board members regarding the research findings that were presented at the CREST National Conference in 2006. The discussions outline the successes of the CREST research, describe obstacles and the necessary next steps for continuance of the scientific exploration of this syndrome, and highlight the practice implications of the current and proposed research.

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