Our Mission

To serve as a dynamic leader and coordinating center FOR elder JUSTIC research, education, practice, and policy at USC.

The USC Center for Elder Justice will bring together the existing and wide-ranging elder mistreatment expertise at USC—in medicine, gerontology, health services, psychology, and policy—as well as encourage new partnerships in biology, genetics, biodemography, economics, law, neuroscience, allied health, biostatistics, and social work. The Center will enable USC students of all levels to participate in interdisciplinary research and education. It will be the reliable resource that policymakers turn to when information on this topic is needed.


USC will be the world’s academic leader in understanding and addressing elder MISTREATMENT.

The USC Center for Elder Justice will serve as a hub that coordinates, incubates and stimulates activities related to the field of elder mistreatment across all schools and departments at the university. Through novel collaborations and approaches, the Center will address one of the most horrendous and growing problems affecting our society.

OUR Key Partners

Collaboration and partnership with core departments at the University of Southern California is what allows us to continue to grow and expand our research.