Answers in Aging
and Abuse

USC’s Center for Elder Justice brings together the wide-range of solutions, research, expertise, and projects aimed to bring awareness to elder mistreatment and abuse.



See what experts, researchers, and partners across all schools and departments of the university are doing to eradicate elder abuse.


The Interview for Decisional Abilities (IDA 3.0-CA)

Adult Protective Service (APS) workers assess older adult clients for abuse and neglect and are asked to determine the client’s understanding of the risks they face so they can develop an intervention plan together.

Financial exploitation

Finance, Cognition, and Health in Elders Study (FINCHES)

The Finance, Cognition, and Health in Elders Study (FINCHES) aims to identify factors associated with financial exploitation and well-being among cognitively-intact older adults.

Physical Abuse

Geriatric-Injury Documentation Tool (Geri-IDT)

Standardization in tools and documentation of child abuse and intimate partner violence have proven helpful in completely documenting injuries and suspected abuse among these populations. Similar tools do not yet exist for older adults and elder abuse.

Get Involved

It’s up to all of us to prevent and address elder abuse. Students, academic departments, policy makers, and advocates are encouraged to join us in taking a stand. Learn more about opportunities to participate in research and education to address elder mistreatment.

Remembering JUDITH D. TAMKIN

The National Center on Elder Abuse honors philanthropist Judith D. Tamkin who passed away on February 16th at the age of 92. Mrs. Tamkin was a staunch supporter of elder justice who had a profound and enduring impact on the field.

Her endowed gift supporting the biennial Tamkin International Symposia on Elder Abuse, the preeminent convening of elder abuse researchers, practitioners, and advocates, provides a forum for the exchange of critical ideas and novel practices within the field. Launched in 2015 with a gift from Mrs. Tamkin, the Symposia have inspired innovations, collaborations, and national policy. The Tamkin Scholars’ Award, which enables promising young scholars to attend the Symposia, has fueled the careers of numerous graduate students who have grown into acclaimed researchers. Mrs. Tamkin’s contributions have also supported the USC Center for Elder Justice, delivering critical information and resources to professionals and the public regarding elder mistreatment.

As Mrs. Tamkin’s generosity continues to propel the field and inspire innovation, her life, legacy, and passion for elder justice will always be remembered with gratitude by her friends at USC. 

Upcoming Event

The Range of Remedies in Elder Mistreatment

April 12, 2023 10:00 AM – 11:15 PM PT/ 01:00 – 02:15 PM ET


Elder mistreatment cases are often complex, and contextual and cultural variations impact elder mistreatment perceptions and responses. These factors may create challenges in identifying and navigating appropriate remedies and responses. Recommended interventions vary based on the type, severity, and context of abuse as well as the goals, preferences, and values of the older adult who has experienced harm. Panelists will discuss the range and effectiveness of elder justice remedies and interventions, including restorative justice, criminal and civil legal remedies, and best practices in the field. A Q&A session will follow the panel discussion.

Key Partners

Collaboration and partnership with core departments at the University of Southern California is what allows us to continue to grow and expand our research.