WEAAD Words Worldwide

WEAAD Words Worldwide

Safety is first, and as the NCEA team continues to follow physical distancing guidelines and work remotely from our homes, we are thankful to remain connected through technology. We have been exploring creative ways to spark global awareness about elder abuse this yearand we hope to inspire you to develop a public service announcement (PSA) for WEAAD! Join us in forming a united front. Together, let’s demonstrate that we all have a stake in preventing this social justice issue.  

Every community has unique strengths, challenges, and solutions when it comes to addressing and raising awareness of elder abuse. Develop a PSA to share how your abuse prevention efforts and innovations are part of the larger, global solution to end elder abuse.  

Want to create a video but need a little guidance? We have some quick tips:  

  • Use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to record your team video 
  • Before you record, enable this convenient WEAAD Virtual Background  
  • Wear a purple shirt or ribbon, the official color for commemorating elder abuse awareness 
  • Embrace your team’s diversity and encourage every team member to record a statement in their native language 
  • Upload the PSA on YouTube, share it through social media using #WEAAD, and reach out to partners to collaborate or help promote the PSA.  

The NCEA is proud to feature your events and videos, so notify us once your video is complete.  

Special Thanks to Judith D. Tamkin

We are sincerely appreciative to Judith D. Tamkin for her gift to help establish the USC Center on Elder Mistreatment’s website. Her deep and personal commitment to eradicating elder abuse is helping to reshape our understanding of elder abuse and ultimately save innumerable older adults from abuse and neglect.