M.T. Connolly is a leading expert on elder justice, a MacArthur “genius” grant awardee, and author of the 2023 book, The Measure of Our Age: Navigating Care, Safety, Money, and Meaning Later in Life, which tells behind-the scenes stories of evolution in elder justice, of pioneers in the field, and of how change happens. The book draws on MT’s work as the original architect of the Elder Justice Act, founder of the Department of Justice’s Elder Justice Initiative, and lead author of the Elder Justice Roadmap, shaping research, policy, and practice. MT also co-designed the community-based RISE model, to forge more person-centered, restorative, and evidence-based options to intervene in and prevent elder abuse. Initial pilot data in Maine found that RISE reduced re-referrals to APS by 50% and was positively reviewed by older clients, APS workers and advocates. These pilot findings led to it being funded as a permanent part of Maine’s healthy aging programs in 2023. RISE is now being expanded to other states and Canada, both as a free-standing program and to work with systems and issues (such as APS, criminal justice, health, and substance use). To further adapt, test, expand and scale RISE, the RISE team co-founded the RISE Collaborative in 2023. MT also consults on elder justice-related issues under the auspices of the Elder Justice Lab.