Sandra Edmonds Crewe is dean and professor of social work at Howard University.  Dr. Crewe previously held the position of interim dean, and associate dean for academic and student advancement.  She has research, scholarship, and public advocacy in the areas of caregiving, aging, ethnogerontology, welfare reform, and social welfare history. She has numerous publications in these areas. 

Dr. Crewe holds both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from the National Catholic School of Social Service (Catholic University of America) and a Ph.D. in Social Work from Howard University.   She is a 40 year member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers. She also holds a certificate from the Harvard Institute of Leadership and Management in Education through a Council on Social Work Education fellowship. Prior to joining the faculty, she served in executive level positions in the field of public and assisted housing and was instrumental in developing self-sufficiency programs as well as health and well-being programs for older persons. 

Dr. Crewe is a long standing trustee for the Maryland Affordable Housing Trust.  She serves as  secretary and member of the board of the American Association of Service Coordinators. Additionally, she serves on the board for the National Association of Deans and Directors. Dr. Crewe is a founding member of the HBCU Schools of Social Work Network. She is co-lead of the network addressing eradicating social isolation, a grand challenge of the American Society of Social Work and Social Welfare  Dr. Crewe is a NASW Pioneer.