RISESUP is a modification to the evidence-based RISE program (https://risemodel.org/), intending to develop and employ an modified version of RISE that includes a substance use program (SUP). The RISESUP program is being developed and tested for use within the Elder Service Connections (ESC) program within the Elder Abuse Institute of Maine (EAIME). The ESC program accepts referrals of clients from adult protective services (APS) when the APS worker believes the client could benefit from an ESC advocate who provides enhanced support and referral to services. The goal of RISESUP is to enhance the ESC services and client outcomes when the clients’ circumstances are complicated by substance use by themselves, their alleged harmer, or someone else in their immediate network.

The project is funded by the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and is a partnership between USC the USC Department of Family Medicine, EAIME, Maine APS, New Hampshire APS, and Dartmouth University.

Zach Gassoumis (Zach.Gassoumis@med.usc.edu)