USC provides research support and guidance to the national Adult Protective Services Technical Assistance Resource Center (APS TARC). Administered by WRMA, Inc. with support from the Administration for Community Living, the APS TARC currently consists of three components: (1) technical assistance provided to states’ APS agencies, with USC primarily assisting in states’ efforts to improve their approaches to measurement and data tracking; (2) administration and reporting of data submitted to the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS), a centralized reporting system for state APS agencies; and (3) an evaluation of APS policies and practices across the U.S, and their relationship to program characteristics. The three components of this project aim to increase the information available to APS agencies nationwide and ultimately improve the practice of APS and the services provided to elder and dependent adult victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Zach Gassoumis (gassoumi@usc.edu)