We need everyone to educate each other about the impact of elder abuse and the pervasiveness of ageism (biases against older people) in our culture. We all deserve to lead happy lives, free from abuse as we age. Through outreach and statewide engagement, we can raise this social issue to a worldwide priority that must be addressed and prevented. Take action today!  



  • Email or conduct physical mailings to circulate this Scam Checklist  so that it reaches older people in your community! Encourage them to keep it by their phone to remind them of what to look out for!  
  • Give a caregiver a break! Caregiving is hard work, and providing relief even for a few hours can really bring rejuvenation to those who are struggling. Connect them to local helplines and consider ways that you may be able to safely arrange delivery of groceries, medications, etc. Find out more about caregiving. 

Multi-ethnic group of men wearing blue shirts outdoors, congratulating their friend, a senior Hispanic man in his late 70s.EMPOWER COMMUNITIES

  • Ask your church or organization to add information about elder abuse to their newsletters and televised events! Get some ideas for faith communities. 
  • Arrange presentations about  WEAAD at local community centers, schools, assisted living facilities, or through virtual  platforms. Use our Power Point template.

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INVOLVE YOUTHOlder person and supportive girl 2

  • Ask your teacher to commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15 by educating students on the signs of elder abuse!  
  • Create a virtual or mail in art, essay, or poem contest for kids about the value and respect of older people!  
  • Organize a service project for your sorority or fraternity through mail or social networking sites to assist older individuals. Coordinate with your college or university for a friendly caller program or send cards and letters through your mail carrier to nursing homes or isolated older community members 
  • Start a social media campaign to promote dignity and support for older people. 
  • Join an event!  See what events are happening in your community. If there are none so far, consider starting one, or contact your local Area Agency on Aging to see what local coalitions are doing for WEAAD.