Dr. Lewis is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the Zucker School of Medicine Hofstra/Northwell and a 2019 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Fellow. His commitment to promoting evidence-based public policy is the result of decades of work as a general practitioner, caring for people who, at times, find themselves at the mercy of policies that while good intentioned cause unintended harms.  This has led to diverse collaborations–from establishing and implementing an evidence-based framework for formulary decision making for several large pharmaceutical benefit management companies, to working with the American Society of Evidence Based Policing to help create a culture supporting evidence-based practices, to advising police how to better respond to persons in mental health crisis (as part of a Bureau for Justice Assistance Smart Policing grant).  As the one of the architects of the Maine “CAPSTONES” project and a member of its Research Advisory Group, Dr. Lewis is now focusing on the mistreatment and abuse of older adults.  He has received support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Research Leaders program to better understand the barriers home health workers face when reporting elder abuse.   

Dr. Lewis received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Columbia University and trained in internal medicine at Bellevue/ NYU. His writings on medicine have appeared in literary journals, The Guardian and Vice Magazine and he has made numerous appearances on both local and national news programs discussing health and well-being.