Kemp, B. J., & Mosqueda, L. A. (2005). Elder financial abuse: An evaluation framework and supporting evidence. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society53(7), 1123-1127.



To develop a valid and reliable framework for evaluating cases of alleged elder financial abuse.


Experienced experts in elder financial abuse rated a framework with eight elements.


Professionals attending an advanced training course on elder abuse.


Deputy district attorneys (n=44), senior law enforcement detectives (n=59), Adult Protective Service workers, and public guardians and victim advocates (n=56) who had a combined total of 1,985 years of experience and who had investigated a total of 3,225 cases (mean of 13.1 years and 21.2 cases) were included.


These experienced professionals were asked to rate how well an evaluative framework matched their experience with elder financial abuse using a 5-point rating scale ranging from very little to almost entirely.


The mean rating for the model was 4.4 out of 5. About 90% of the sample rated it as almost entirely or very much matching their experience. There were no differences between professions. The reliability measure was 0.85.


These results suggest a reliable and valid framework for evaluating cases of possible elder financial abuse.

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