About the Podcast

In this episode, Operations Director of the NCEA, Eden Ruiz-Lopez, MPA interviews Jacqueline Gray, PhD on Medication Issues in Indian Country. Dr. Gray serves as the Principal Investigator of the National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative and is of Choctaw/Cherokee descent herself. Dr. Gray offers an invaluable perspective and lends her expertise on medication abuse and misuse among Indigenous Elders.  Common scenarios of abuse types and perpetrators are discussed, as well as some of the obstacles that older Native Americans face, including limitations in law enforcement regulation between reservations, and state and county jurisdictions. The second half of the podcast touches on the importance of building trust with Indigenous Elders to help prevent abuse. Finally, suggestions on resources and who to turn to for help are provided.  


Jacqueline Gray, PhD

Retired Research Associate Professor University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences

Eden Ruiz-Lopez, MPA

Operations Director of the National Center on Elder Abuse

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