Toward a Better Understanding of Elder Mistreatment in Community Settings

To add to the literature on the prevalence of elder abuse, the Toward a Better Understanding of Elder Mistreatment in Community Settings undertook interviews with individuals from largely Latino/Hispanic backgrounds, primarily low-income immigrants from Latin America. This project used a Promotores approach to maximize the respondents’ comfort level and increase how candid the respondents would be during the interview, a technique that resulted in considerably larger reported rates of abuse than seen previously.


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  • DeLiema, M., Navarro, A. E., Enguidanos, S. & Wilber, K. H. (2015). Voices from the frontlines: Examining elder abuse from multiple professional perspectives. Health and Social Work, 40(2), e15-e24.

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Special Thanks to Judith D. Tamkin

We are sincerely appreciative to Judith D. Tamkin for her gift to help establish the USC Center on Elder Mistreatment’s website. Her deep and personal commitment to eradicating elder abuse is helping to reshape our understanding of elder abuse and ultimately save innumerable older adults from abuse and neglect.