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Technical Assistance

Approximately 429.9 hours were spent responding to 880 requesters seeking advice and assistance in their vicinities in 2020. While the number of technical assistance requests remained consistent with the numbers recorded in the prior reporting period, the time expended per inquiry increased significantly.

Supports Tools for Elder Abuse Prevention (STEAP)

Disseminated 21,000 Elder Abuse awareness bookmarks during the WEAAD 2020 campaign to Elder Abuse Community Educators across the country. STEAP Initiative’s customizable outreach toolkit was accessed over 3,000 times by elder justice advocates and professionals. Stay tuned for refreshed toolkit materials launching in early 2021!


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Reframing Elder Abuse

The Reframing Elder Abuse Project published an article in Stanford Social Innovation Review on reframing aging and elder abuse communications during COVID-19. Presented on Reframing Elder Abuse for approximately 2,534 aging and elder abuse professionals

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Target Audiences 

The NCEA presented to diverse audiences of older persons and professionals serving African-American, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latinx, Tribal and Native, as well as LGBT+ older adults in the U.S. NCEA also educated health care professionals, victim services advocates, law enforcement and military personnel.


The Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement, EAGLE is a “go-to "web-based resource for law enforcement and a quick navigation tool to assist an officer in assessing the situation, preserving evidence, and ensuring that the voice of the older adult is heard.

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  • 923 National White Collar Crime Center, NW3C, trainings completed 

NCEA Presentations and Podcasts

73 total presentations and podcasts

Launching into the World

77 total educational materials, research briefs and fact sheets developed


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    • On June 15th, NCEA, in collaboration with Ageless Alliance hosted a WEAAD Twitter Chat with 122 participants, reaching 287,853. Check out #WEAADchat highlights, Part 1, Part 2
  • NCEA ranked as the top #WEAAD influencer with over 2.1 Million impressions on Facebook and Twitter combined


Upholding Justice for Older Americans on this World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: A National Conversation

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1,000 people participated in the webinar and 622 viewed the recording
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Lifting Up the Voices of Older Survivors: Sharing Strength & Resiliency Through Story

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