Episode title: The Critical Role of Faith Communities in Working for Elder Justice

Featured Speakers:

Rev. Dr. Anne Marie Hunter

Safe Havens Co-Director and Founder

As a seminary student, Anne Marie saw the need to connect seminary education and the abuse that is happening in homes and families. As a parish pastor, she learned how challenging it can be to respond to situations of abuse within the congregation. As an advocate in domestic violence shelters, she learned how important faith is to survivors and how crucial the response from faith leaders can be.

Anne Marie has taught at Drew University and Tufts University and published locally and nationally on both domestic violence and elder abuse

Alyson Morse Katzman

Safe Havens Co-Director

Alyson creates, coordinates, and implements Safe Havens’ local and national work regarding sexual and domestic violence and elder abuse, including national Technical Assistance projects, which are funded by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. Alyson applies her Master’s in Public Administration from New York University in supporting much of Safe Havens’ infrastructure. She is actively involved in Greater Boston’s Jewish Domestic Violence Coalition as well as in Jewish Women International’s Interfaith Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

About the Podcast:

In this episode, we’ll be speaking with Anne Marie and Alyson from Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse about the importance of faith in the lives of older adults, and how faith communities can be a powerful force in addressing and responding to elder abuse. From the role of faith in providing support networks and meaning-making, to the challenges posed by faith-based barriers to safety, we’ll be exploring how faith leaders and communities can work together to build bridges with service providers and increase elder justice.

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