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Based on this project’s first survey, the research team has compiled the below list of elder abuse multidisciplinary teams (MDTs). There is still some duplication in the list, and there may be other errors (such as entities listed that are not actually MDTs), but these issues are currently being resolved.

For reference, we are defining an elder abuse MDT as a team that is comprised of professionals from a variety of disciplines working together on an ongoing basis to combat elder abuse.

Please review the list below and let us know if there are any teams missing, or if you can provide us with a contact person for a team where we are currently missing that information. We would prefer for you to let us know by taking our online survey, but you can choose to e-mail us instead at elderMDT@usc.edu.

If you have any comments or questions about the process, you can e-mail abuseMDT@usc.edu.

Thank you for your input!


No teams reported


No teams reported


Care Conference (city: Sells; contact: David Sampson)
Fiduciary Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) (city: Phoenix; contact: Cyndi Patterson)


No teams reported


Alameda County Elder MDT (city: Alameda; contact: Cheryl Poncini)
Elder Death Review (city: Anaheim; contact: none specified)
Orange County APS (city: Anaheim; contact: Stacey Lindberg)
Adult Protective Services (city: Bakersfield; contact: Jeremy Oliver)
Behavioral Health MDT (city: Bakersfield/Kern County; contact: Jeremy Oliver)
Dependent Elder Abuse Review and Elder Death Review Team (city: Bakersfield; contact: Jeremy Oliver)
Butte County MDT (city: Butte County; contact: Charles Coleman)
Butte County MDT (city: usually Chico, California; contact: Charles Coleman, Supervisor APS)
Adult Protective Services (city: Fresno; contact: Micheal Reiser)
Fresno County APS MDT (city: Fresno; contact: David Tamblin)
Elder Abuse Forensic Center (city: Irvine; contact: Kerry Burnight)
Hoarding Task Force (city: Irvine; contact: none specified)
O.C. Task Force on Hoarding (city: Irvine; contact: Mental Health Association of OC)
VAST (Vulnerable Adult Specialist Team) (city: Irvine; contact: N/A)
DEAR (Dependent Elder Abuse Review) (city: Kern County; contact: Jeremy Oliver)
Adult Protective Services (city: Los Angeles; contact: Diana Homeier)
Central Coast Stop Senior Scams Working Group (city: Los Angeles; contact: Debra Deem)
Elder Death Review Team (city: Los Angeles; contact: Allyson Young)
Forensic Center MDT (city: Los Angeles; contact: Richard Franco)
Los Angeles County APS (city: Los Angeles; contact: Arthur Zargarian)
Los Angeles County Elder Abuse Forensic Center (city: Los Angeles; contact: Allyson Young)
Madera County APS (city: Madera; contact: Sharon Diaz)
Newport Beach Senior Case Coordination (city: Newport Beach, California; contact: Susie DiGiovanna)
Alameda County APS MDT (city: Oakland, CA; contact: Vanessa Baker)
Alameda County Financial Abuse Specialist Team (city: Oakland, CA; contact: Vanessa Baker)
Orange County Elder Abuse Forensic Center (city: Orange; contact: Stacy Lindberg, APS)
Regional Center MDT (city: Orange; contact: Sean Watson)
CARE (Curtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly) (city: Palm Desert; contact: Geri Crippen-Richardson)
APS South County MDT, Sonoma County (city: Petaluma; contact: Tara underly)
Adult Protective Services (city: Rancho Cucamonga; contact: Nkem Okoro)
PG (city: Redlands; contact: Glenda Jackson)
C.A.R.E. (Curtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly) (city: Riverside; contact: Dorothy Miller)
CARE Team (city: Riverside; contact: Julie Orozco)
DV/Elder Death Review Team (city: Riverside; contact: Gerry Fineman)
Riverside County CARE Team (city: Riverside; contact: Angela Rosato)
Elder Abuse Forensic Center (city: Riverside County; contact: Angela Rosato)
Riverside County APS (city: Multiple (regional) meetings; contact: Dorothy Miller)
Adult Protective Services Inhouse Financial Abuse Social Workers (city: Sacramento; contact: none specified)
Adult Protective Services MDT (city: Sacramento; contact: Irene Chu)
APS Financial Abuse Specialst Team (city: Sacramento; contact: irene Chu)
Elder Death Review Team (city: Sacramento; contact: none specified)
Financial Abuse Specialist Team (city: Sacramento; contact: Heidi Richardson)
SAC FAST (city: Sacramento; contact: Irene Chu)
Sacramento County APS (city: Sacramento; contact: Irene Chu)
Sacramento County DA’s Office (city: Sacramento; contact: Paul Durenburg)
Sacramento County Elder Death Review Team (city: Sacramento; contact: Martha Haas)
San Bernardino County APS (city: San Bernardino; contact: Roxanne Young)
San Bernardino County Elder Abuse Investigative Multi-Disciplinary Team (city: San Bernardino; contact: none specified)
DA (city: San Bernardino; contact: Andrew Turk)
Dept of Aging & Adult Services, 5 regional MDTs (city: San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, Barstow, one other; contact: Under SB County Services)
Adult Protective Services (city: San Diego; contact: Chris Alire)
Aging and Independence Services & Law Enforcement Brown Bag (city: San Diego; contact: Natalie Gonzalez)
APS Cross Regional MDT (city: San Diego; contact: Carlos Morales)
APS/LE “Brown Bag” Meeting (city: San Diego; contact: none specified)
Cross Regional MDT (city: San Diego; contact: Kimberly Pearce)
DV Fatality Case Review (city: San Diego; contact: Terra Marroquin)
Elder Death Review (city: San Diego; contact: Carlos Morales)
Hope Team (Ctr for Community Solutions) – no longer funded (city: San Diego; contact: none specified)
San Diego DA & San Diego PD (city: San Diego; contact: Paul Greenwood)
Adult Protective Services (city: San Francisco; contact: Jill Nielsen)
Elder abuse MDT SF (city: San Francisco; contact: none specified)
San Francisco Forensic Center (city: San Francisco; contact: Glen Fishman)
Forensic center SF (city: San Francisco; contact: Shawna Reeves)
West San Gabriel Valley Elder Abuse Coalition (city: San Gabriel Valley; contact: Shawn Herz)
West San Gabriel Valley Elder Abuse team (city: San Gabriel Valley; contact: Shawn Herz)
County of Santa Clara, Department of Aging and Adult Services, Financial Abuse Specialist Team ( FAST) (city: San Jose; contact: Valerie Smith)
County of Santa Clara, Domestic Violence Death Review Team (city: San Jose; contact: Cindy Hendrickson)
County of Santa Clara, Elder Death review (city: San Jose; contact: Cindy Hendrickson)
Displacement Mitigation Team (city: San Jose; contact: Zachary Phelps)
Elder Abuse Task Force (city: San Jose; contact: Cindy Thorp)
San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services (city: San Mateo; contact: Dyshun Beshears)
APS MDT (city: San Rafael; contact: Camille Jolly)
Financial Abuse Specialist Team (city: Santa Ana; contact: Stacey Lindberg)
Hoarding task force (city: Santa Ana; contact: Unknown)
MDT (city: Santa Barbara; contact: Adalberto Velasquez, APS Supervisor)
MDT on Crime (city: Santa Barbara; contact: Same)
MDT on Self Neglect (city: Santa Barbara/Santa Maria; contact: Mark Contois)
MDT sponsored by APS (city: Santa Cruz; contact: none specified)
APS Santa Rosa MDT, Sonoma County (city: Santa Rosa; contact: Tara Underly)
San Joaquin County Elder Death Review Team (city: Stockton; contact: Sherri Adams)
San Joaquin County MDT/FAST (city: Stockton; contact: Sherri Adams)
Adult Protective Services (city: Ventura; contact: Marcy Snider)
FAST of Ventura County (city: Ventura County; contact: Julia Rowan)
The Rapid Response Expert Team (city: Ventura; contact: Marcy Snider)


Adult Protection Review Team (APRT) (city: Boulder; contact: Terrie Ryan Thomas)
Adult Protective Services Provider Meeting (city: Pueblo; contact: none specified)
Aurora PD Elder Abuse Task Force (city: Aurora, Colorado; contact: Sgt. Damon Vaz)
Denver Forensic Collaborative for At-Risk Adults (city: Denver; contact: Whitney Nettleton)
Denver MDT (city: Denver; contact: Denver City Attorney’s Office)
El Paso County Adult Protective Review Team (city: Colorado Springs Colorado; contact: Tracy Munson)
Elder Justice Coalition (EIC) (city: Boulder; contact: Ann Tapp)
Larimer County MDT (city: Ft. Collins; contact: none specified)


Adult Abuse Prevention Council/FAST (city: San Luis Obispo; contact: Karen Jones)
Baldwin Senior Centers (city: Stratford CT; contact: Diane Puterski, Shirley Dominguez)
SW CT AGENCY ON AGING (city: BRIDGEPORT CT; contact: none specified)


No teams reported

District of Columbia (DC)

No teams reported


Adult Protection Team (city: Pensacola; contact: Tom Watts)
FAST (city: Tampa; contact: Sean Cadigan)
Florida Department of Children and Families, Adult Protective Services Program Office, SunCoast Region (city: Tampa; contact: Nelson Mongiovi)
Pinellas County Adult Protection Team (city: Largo, FL; contact: Sandra O’Farrell)


Cobb County Elder Abuse Task Force (city: suburb of Atlanta; contact: Jason Marbutt)


No teams reported


No teams reported


Catholic Charities (various agencies) (city: Chicago, Schaumburg, etc; contact: none specified)
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet APS (city: Kankakee, Illinois; contact: Debbi Baldauff)
Center for Prevention of Abuse (city: Peoria, IL; contact: HOLLY KOZINSKI)
DuPage County Comm. Svcs. APS (city: Wheaton; contact: ShaTonya Herring)
Guardian Angel Community Services (city: Joliet, IL; contact: Alexandra Shloss)
Madison County Elder Justice Initiative (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Senior Services Associates (various agencies) (city: Aurora and Kankakee; contact: Joseph Guiterrez)
West Central IL (Adams, Brown, Calhoun, Hancock, Pike, Schuyle) (city: Adams; contact: Brenda Fleming)


No teams reported


Abuse Coordinating Unit (city: Davenport; contact: Jamie West)
Department of Human Services (city: Des Moines; contact: Catherine Stack)
DHS Eastern Service Area (city: Davenport; contact: none specified)
Heritage Area Agency on Aging (city: Cedar Rapids; contact: Tracey Robertson)


Wyandotte County Crisis Response Consortium (city: Kansas City; contact: Rik Van Dyke)


No teams reported


No teams reported


Area Triads, Cumberland County (city: Westbrook, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Windham, Gorham Maine ( 3 Triads); contact: Kevin J. Joyce)
Family Violence Prevention Team (city: Augusta, Maine; contact: Patrick Hood, Maine State police officer)
Maine Council on Elder Abuse Prevention (city: Augusta, Maine; contact: Jaye Martin, Esq., Legal Services for the Elderly)
Merry Meeting Bay Elder Task Force (city: Sagadahoc County and the Towns of Brunswick and Harpswell; contact: Jennifer Hemingway)
Violence Intervention Project (city: Augusta, Maine; contact: Faye Luppi)


Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Task Force (city: Rockville; contact: Kelly Davis)


Council on Aging, Arlington (city: Arlington, MA 02476; contact: Susan Carp, Director)
Minuteman Senior Services (city: Bedford, MA; contact: Peg Sullivan)


Branch County Commission on Aging (city: Coldwater, Michigan; contact: Amy Duff)
CareWell Services Southwest (city: Battle Creek; contact: Karla Fales)
Elder & Vulnerable Adult Abuse Multidiscplinary Team (city: Kalamazoo Michigan; contact: Anji Phillips)
Elder & Vulnerable Adult Death Review Team (city: Kalamazoo, Michigan; contact: Anji Phillips)
Elder Abuse Alliance Incorporated (Genesee County) (city: Flint, Michigan; contact: Dolores Colter)
Ingham County Elder Abuse Coordianted Community Response Team (city: Lansing, Michigan; contact: Toni Young)
Kalamazoo Elder Abuse Coalition (city: Kalamazoo, Michigan; contact: Judy Sivak)
Kalamazoo Hoarding Multidsciplinary Team (city: Kalamazoo, Michigan; contact: Anji Phillips)
Kent County Elder Abuse Coalition (city: Grand Rapids, Michigan; contact: Nancy Kropiewnicki)
Lapeer Co. Senior Coalition (city: Lapeer, Michigan; contact: Pam Keener)
St. Clair Elder Abuse Coalition (city: Port Huron, Michian; contact: Linda Crame)
Tri-County Triad (city: Lansing, Michigan; contact: Erica Bishop)
Vulnerable Adult Network (Clare, Isabella and Midland) (city: Mt. Pleasant; contact: Abbey Brooks)
Washtenaw County Elder Justice Coalition (city: Ann Arbor, Michigan; contact: Virginia Boyce)


Aitkin County MDT (city: not specified; contact: Kim Larson)
Anoka County APS (city: Anoka; contact: Dylan Warkentin)
Blue Earth County Human Services (city: Mankato; contact: Kristi Pittmann)
Brown County Adult Protection Team (city: New Ulm; contact: Lisa Langer)
Carlton County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Cass County MDT (city: not specified; contact: Tonya Heldt)
Cook County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Dakota County APS (city: West St. Paul; contact: Beth Zavalny)
Grant County Social Services (city: Elbow Lake; contact: Deb Rapp)
Hennepin County APS (city: Minneapolis; contact: Carmen Castaneda)
Isanti County MDT (city: Cambridge, MN; contact: Jodi Donnay)
Itasca County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Lake County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
MAARC (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Nicollet County Hiuman Services (city: Saint Peter & North Mankato Minnesota; contact: Tom McMahon)
Pope County Human Servies (city: Glenwood; contact: Amber Ramey)
South St. Louis County PHHS Adult Mental Health MDT (city: Duluth, MN; contact: Mary Prudehomme)
St. Louis County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Traverse County Social Services (city: Wheaton; contact: Deb Rapp)
Washington County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Wright County MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)


No teams reported


St. Louis Elder Financial Protection Multidisciplinary Team (city: St. Louis, Missouri; contact: Mary Tucker)


Community Team Meeting (city: Varies across the state there are 56 counties; contact: Michael Hagenlock)


No teams reported


Mineral County Public Guardian (city: Hawthorne; contact: Michael C. James)
Victim Witness Services (city: Carson City; contact: Frankee Haynes)

New Hampshire

No teams reported

New Jersey

No teams reported

New Mexico

No teams reported

New York

ACCORD (city: Allegany County; contact: Dororthy Fenske)
Bronx Adult Protective Services (city: Bronx; contact: Jose Perez)
Bronx District Attorney (city: Darcel D. Clark; contact: none specified)
Bronx Elder Abuse Multi-Disciplinary Team (city: Bronx, NY; contact: Ellen Kolodney)
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Ogdensburg (city: Clinton County; contact: Kate Gardner)
Center for Elder Law & Justice (city: Cattaraugus; contact: Kathy Kanaley)
Center for Elder Law & Justice (city: Erie County; contact: Kathy Kanaley)
Chautauqua County HHS (city: Chautauqua County; contact: Kayleah M. Feser)
Clinton County MDT (city: Plattsburgh, NY; contact: Kate Gardner)
Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team at Lifespan (Monroe, Ontario, Livingston, Wayne, Cayuga, Seneca, Yates counties) (city: Numerous, but main hub is in Monroe County; contact: Allison Granata)
Franklin County MDT (city: Malone, NY; contact: Becky Prevey)
Franklin County OFA (city: Franklin County; contact: Rebecca Preve)
JASA-LEAP (city: New York City; contact: Amy Chalfy)
Jewish Family Service of Ulster County (city: Ulster County; contact: Nicholas Canino)
Lifespan of Greater Rochester (city: Chemung; contact: Norma Whatman)
Mediation Center of Dutchess County, Inc. (city: Poughkeepsie; contact: Mary A. Mulligan)
Monroe County Elder Fatality Review Team at Lifespan of Greater Rochester (city: Rochester, NY; contact: Tracey Siebert-Konopko)
NYC Elder Abuse Center (city: New York City; contact: Risa Breckman)
NYC Elder Abuse Center (NYCEAC), Manhattan Enhanced MDT, Brooklyn MDT (city: Brooklyn, NYC; contact: Peg Horan)
NYC Elder Abuse Center MDT (Brooklyn) (city: Brooklyn, NYC; contact: Peg Horan)
The Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention (city: White Plains; contact: Mayla Levin)
Vera House (city: Onondoga County; contact: Betsy Ferner)
Westchester County’s Multidisciplinary Team on Elder Abuse (city: Riverdale; contact: Malya Levin)
Westchester Elder Abuse Coalition (city: Briarcliff; contact: Valerie Moore)

North Carolina

Alamance County- Family Justice Center (city: Burlington; contact: Tracy Turner)
APS-Alamance County DSS (city: Burlington; contact: Laporscha McCollum)
Elder Abuse Task Force Cabarrus County (city: Kannapolis; contact: Laurie Abounador)
Elder Team (city: Greensboro; contact: Marlene Pruitt Harrison)
Forsyth Elder Abuse Task Force (city: Winston Salem; contact: none specified)
Guilford County Family Justice Center Elder Justice Committee (city: Greensboro; contact: Catherine Johnson)

North Dakota

Coordinated Community Response Team (city: Bismarck; contact: Ambria Neshem)
EPT (city: Fort Yates, ND – Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; contact: Carol Nichols)


Butler County, OH (APS lead) (city: Hamilton; contact: Kevin Kurpieski)
CAANE (Collaboration Against Abuse Neglect and Exploitation (city: Dayton, OH; contact: Lai Bryant-White)
Coalition of Agencies Protecting the Elderly (COPE) (city: Toledo; contact: Cheryl Conley)
Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Collaborative (city: Cleveland, Ohio; contact: Natasha Pietrocola)
Department of Senior & Adult Services (city: Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH); contact: none specified)
Senior Living Solutions (city: Chardon; contact: Ann Walden)


Choctaw Nation (city: Atoka; contact: Sally Andrews)
Coalition Against the Financial Expoitation of the Elderly (city: Oklahoma City; contact: Cindy Opheim)
Multi Disciplinary Team (city: Norman; contact: Office of the DA, Norman OK)
Oklahoma County Coalition Against Financial Exploitation of the Elderly (CAFEE) (city: Oklahoma City; contact: Bill Whited)


ADVSD DA/Law Enforcement MDT (city: Portland; contact: Wendy Hillman)
APS (city: La Grande; contact: Mike Howland)
DD/Mental Health DA/Law Enforcement MDT (city: Portland; contact: Brian Hughes)
Law enforcement MDT (city: Portland, Oregon; contact: Wendy Hillman)
Mid County branch MDT (city: Portland, Oregon; contact: Merle Johnson)
Vulnerable Adult MDT (city: Hillsboro; contact: Megan Johnson)


Area Agency on Aging MDT (multiple counties) (city: County Specific; contact: Area Agency on Aging)
Area on Aging-Adult protective services (city: Erie; contact: none specified)
Bucks County Crimes Against Older Adults Task Force (city: Doylestown; contact: Bucks County Area Agency on Aging)
OPS (city: Philadelphia; contact: none specified)

Rhode Island

No teams reported

South Carolina

APCC Fatality Review Committee (city: not specified; contact: none specified)

South Dakota

No teams reported


Adult Abuse Review Team (city: Knoxville, TN; contact: Karen Partridge)
Coordinated Response to Elder Abuse (CREA) (city: Memphis; contact: Anthony Amos)
CREA (Community Response to Elder Abuse) (city: Memphis; contact: Melanie Keller)
Vulnerable Adult Protection/Investigation Team (city: Knoxville, TN; contact: Andrea Kline)


Elder Financial Safety Center (city: Dallas; contact: Julie Krawczyk)
Harris County District Attorney (city: Houston, TX; contact: Carmel Bitondo Dyer, MD)
Harris County Elder Abuse Fatality Review Team (EFFORT) (city: Houston; contact: Dr. John Halphen)
Houston Financial Abuse Specialist Team (city: Houston; contact: Candy Twyman)
Senior Justice Assessment Center (city: Houston; contact: Claudia Gonzalez)
Texas Elder Abuse and Mistreatment Team (TEAM) (city: Houston; contact: Dr. Jason Burnett)


CAPE (Davis County Senior Service) (city: Clearfield; contact: Kristy Cottrell)
Coalition for Abuse Prevention of the Elderly (CAPE) (city: Clearfield; contact: Kristy Cottrell)
EVA (Salt Lake County DA’s office) (city: Salt Lake City; contact: none specified)
Huddle (AGO-Medicaid Fraud Control Unit) (city: Murray; contact: none specified)
Law Enforcement within Davis County (city: Layton; contact: none specified)
M-Team (Utah Attorney General’s Office & APS) (city: Salt Lake City; contact: none specified)
Norfolk Dept of Human Services (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Peninsula MDT (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Salt Lake Elder Abuse Project (disbanded a few months ago) (city: Salt Lake City; contact: none specified)
Vulnerable Adults Specialty Task Force (VASTF) (city: not specified; contact: none specified)


FAST of Vermont (city: Statewide; contact: Tori Lloyd)
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (city: not specified; contact: none specified)


Commonwealth Attorney-MDT (city: Montross, VA; contact: Elizabeth Bowen)
Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office (city: Newport News; contact: Teresa Carter)
Fairfax County (city: Fairfax County; contact: none specified)
Henrico County MDT (city: Henrico County, VA; contact: none specified)
James City County MDT (city: James City County VA; contact: none specified)
Middlesex Taskforce for Aging Advocacy (city: Middlesex; contact: Rebecca Bass)
Norfolk Dept of Human Services (city: Norfolk; contact: Janice Roach)
Peninsula MDT (city: Hampton, Newport News, York County; contact: none specified)
Powhatan County Triad (city: Powhatan County; contact: Kim Bise)
VA Washington County/City of Bristol (city: Bristol, VA; contact: Chris Stone, MSW)
Vulnerable Adults Specialty Task Force (VASTF) (city: Norfolk; contact: Janice Roach)
Washington County Abuse in Later Life (city: Abingdon, VA; contact: Chris Stone)
York county MDT (city: York County; contact: none specified)
York-Poquoson Adult MDT (city: Yorktown, VA; contact: Stephanie Edwards)


Geriatric Regional Assessment Team (city: seattle; contact: none specified)
ACT team (city: Tumwater; contact: Sheryl Reese)
Adult Protective Services (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Attorney General’s Office Elder Abuse Team (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
DV task force (city: Family Justice Center; contact: none specified)
Elder Abuse Council of Seattle / King County (city: Seattle; contact: Page Ulrey)
Sexual Assault Center (city: not specified; contact: none specified)
Signature Home Health (city: Bellingham, WA; contact: Nicole Small)
Thurston County Vulnerable Task Force (VATF) (city: Tumwater; contact: Joseph Jackson)

West Virginia

No teams reported


Ashland County Interdisciplinary Team (city: Ashland Wisconsin; contact: Pauline Gordon)
Barron County I-Team (city: Barron; contact: Marcia Roberts-Seboe)
Chippewa County Elder Adults at Risk Interdisciplinary Team (city: Chippewa Falls; contact: Britney Kopp)
Adult Protective Services Inter-disciplinary Team (city: Dodge County – Juneau; contact: Paula Becker)
Aging and Disability Resource Center (city: Dodgeville; contact: Janet Butteris)
Each County is required to operate a MDT. There are 72 counties in WI (city: Each county operates differently; contact: Doreen Goetch)
Vilas county Adult at Risk I-Team (city: Eagle River, WI; contact: Donna S Rosner, Certified Social Worker)
APS Regional Meetings (city: Eau Claire; contact: Donovan Schumacher)
ADRC of Pierce County (city: Ellsworth; contact: ADRC staff)
Fond du lac county I-Team (city: Fond du Lac, WI; contact: Cheryl Ketterhagen)
Brown County HHSD (city: Green Bay; contact: Lori Weaver)
Green Lake County I-team (city: Green Lake; contact: Kristen Dorsch)
Sawyer County Abuse and Neglect Interdisciplinary Team (city: Hayward WI; contact: Lauri Perlick, Adult Long Term Care Supervisor)
Rock County I-Team (city: Janesville; contact: Jennifer Anselmi)
Jefferson County Abuse /Neglect of Elder/s & Vulnerable Adults Interdisciplinary Team (city: Jeffferson Wisconsin; contact: Sharon Olson)
Kenosha County I- Team (city: Kenosha; contact: Rebecca Dutter)
Grant County Social Services (city: Lancaster, WI; contact: Debbi Donald)
Commission on Sensitive Crimes (city: Madison; contact: Mike Murray)
Domestic Violence in Later Life (city: Madison; contact: Shari Gray-Dorn)
Elder Abuse Community Coordinated Response (city: Madison; contact: Amy Scarr)
Financial Abuse to Seniors Team (city: Madison; contact: Amy Scarr)
EACCR (city: Madison, WI; contact: Amy Scarr)
ADRC of Marinette County MDT (city: Marinette; contact: Pam Daye)
I-Team (city: Menomonie; contact: Sara Olinger)
Elder Abuse/APS I-Team, Milwaukee County (city: Milwaukee; contact: Ramona Williams)
Elder Abuse I-Team (city: Neillsville; contact: Ashley Schultz)
St. Croix County Human Services (city: New Richmond; contact: Kathy Huston)
Ozaukee County I-Team (city: Port Washington, Wisconsin; contact: Laurie Rathke)
CCR-Coordinated community Response (city: Portage; contact: none specified)
CCT-Crisi coordinating team (city: Portage; contact: none specified)
I-Team-Interdisciplinary Team (city: Portage; contact: Sue Weaver)
Sheboygan County (city: Sheboygan Falls; contact: Dale Deterding)
Burnett County Human Services; Siren WI (city: Siren WI; contact: Sandy Shields)
Door County Elder & Adult at Risk Interdisciplinary Team (city: Sturgeon Bay; contact: none specified)
I-TEAM Douglas County (city: Superior; contact: Dave Longsdorf)
I Team (city: Wausau; contact: Brenda Christian)
Washington County Interdisciplinary Team (I-Team) (city: West Bend; contact: Janet Hetzel)
Trempealeau County I-Team (city: Whitehall, WI; contact: Katrina Longmire)
Wood County I-Team (city: Wood County, WI – Marshfield & Wisconsin Rapids; contact: Katie Czys)


No teams reported