Symposium Program Agenda


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Day One – Thursday, March 1st

7:45 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:30 AM

Welcome & Presentation of Tamkin Scholars

Laura Mosqueda, MD

9:00 AM

Lessons Learned from Child Abuse

Jay Belsky, PhD

9:30 AM

How Theory Informs Research

  • Sidney M. Stahl, PhD
    A General Field Theory of Elder Abuse: It’s not Rocket Science, It’s Harder.
  • Sherry Hamby, PhD
    Resilience Portfolios: A Framework for a More Strengths-Based Approach to Working with Older Adult Victims
  • Ron Acierno, PhD
    Protection Through Connection: Social Support as a Key Intervention and Prevention Component in Elder Abuse
10:50 AM


11:00 AM

Breaking the Taboo: Sexual Assault in Late Life as a Multifaceted Phenomenon – Toward a Theoretical Framework

Tova Band-Winterstein, PhD

11:30 AM

Collaborations in Care: An Innovative Approach to Improving the Lives of People with Dementia

Sue Kurrle, MD, PhD

12:00 PM


1:15 PM

Theories and Concepts About Caregiving: Implications for Research and Prevention

Highlighted Speaker: Steven Zarit, PhD
Interviewer: Bonnie Olsen, PhD

Breakout Sessions I: Moving from Concepts to Prevention and Interventions
2:00 PM
  • Topic
  • Theory to Practice
  • Resilience
  • Social Supports
  • Facilitator
  • Sidney M. Stahl, PhD
  • Sherry Hamby, PhD
  • Ron Acierno, PhD
3:00 PM


Breakout Sessions II: Moving from Concepts to Prevention and Interventions
3:15 PM
  • Topic
  • Sexual Assault
  • Caregiving
  • Dementia
  • Facilitator
  • Tova Band-Winterstein, PhD
  • Steve Zarit, PhD and Bonnie Olsen, PhD
  • Sue Kurrle, MD, PhD
4:15 PM

Ending Nursing Home Violence

Karl Pillemer, PhD

4:45 PM

Symposium Closing

Laura Mosqueda, MD

Day Two – Friday, March 2nd

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Welcome & Presentation Georgia Anetzberger Award

Laura Mosqueda, MD

9:00 AM

Using Data Sets to Answer Research Questions on Elder Mistreatment

  • Melissa Howe, PhD
    National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP)
  • Mary Twomey, MSW and Maria Green, MS
    National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS)
  • Zach Gassoumis, PhD
    Elder Mistreatment Data: From Science to Surveillance
10:30 AM


Working Groups: Make A Wish
10:45 AM

If You Could Add Three Questions About Elder Abuse to a Data Set:

1. What data set would you choose?
2.What question would you ask?

  • Topic
  • Long Term Services and Supports
  • Social Services
  • Health
  • Criminal Justice
  • Facilitator
  • Kathleen Wilber, PhD
  • Melissa Howe, PhD
  • Alexis Coulourides-Kogan, PhD
  • Sid Stahl, PhD
11:30 PM


12:30 PM

Summary Discussion of Working Groups

Alexis Coulourides-Kogan, PhD

1:00 PM

Message from the Administration for Community Living

Lance Robertson

1:30 PM

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”

Marie-Therese Connolly

2:00 PM

Symposium Closing

Laura Mosqueda, MD


Special Thanks to Judith D. Tamkin

We are sincerely appreciative to Judith D. Tamkin for her gift to help establish the USC Center on Elder Mistreatment’s website. Her deep and personal commitment to eradicating elder abuse is helping to reshape our understanding of elder abuse and ultimately save innumerable older adults from abuse and neglect.