Dr. Burnes, Professor at the University of Toronto, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, holds a Canada Research Chair on Older Adult Mistreatment Prevention. He completed a PhD at Columbia University School of Social, concentrating in gerontology and advanced practice. Dr. Burnes’ program of research focuses on elder mistreatment, including the development of basic knowledge (risk factors, prevalence, severity) and the design, evaluation, and measurement of interventions to prevent and respond to elder mistreatment. He advises major international organizations on elder mistreatment, such as the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health, as well as federal and regional governments. Dr. Burnes also works with non-profit organizations, such as state-level adult protective services programs, on the development, implementation and measurement of elder mistreatment response and prevention programs. Dr. Burnes and colleagues developed RISE, an evidence-based, community-based elder mistreatment response program that works in partnership with other systems (e.g., adult protective services, legal/justice) to respond to cases involving older adults who are at risk of or experiencing elder mistreatment or self-neglect. Beginning as a pilot in two counties of Maine, U.S. in 2019, RISE has now worked with over 500 cases and has been scaled throughout the state. RISE is also being implemented and tested in Toronto, New Hampshire, and Seattle. His interest in elder mistreatment stems from both family experience and clinical practice with older adults. 

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